This page is devoted to issues related to the Linux operating system and its broadly understood security. As much as possible I will try to describe the basics of configuring, securing and managing various Linux distributions. It is true that many books on this subject as well as tutorials have already been written. But sometimes I miss to systematize this knowledge and give it in a simple, clear way so that you don’t have to spend long hours reading or looking for a solution to a problem, which then turns out to be so trivial that it takes less than fifteen minutes to solve it.

About me

My name is Adrian. I have been working in the IT industry since 2002. Currently I work for Fujitsu as Quality Assurance Specialist in Research and Development, as the Linux specialist.

I’m interested in many issues from the broadly understood IT industry, but also amateurishly try to explore quantum physics, astronomy, cosmology and astronautics.

I love science fiction and absorb everything that is related to it.

My blog

Server basic configuration after installing RHEL 8.5 (minimal).

I saved it as script.sh, gave it chmod u+x script.sh executable permissions and ran it as root ./script.sh, although I know that scripts should be run from sudo for security. But I know what I’m doing and why. Everything is described with comments in English. User was created during installation of the system, hence the …