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Privacy policy

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Privacy Policy

The portal does not process, share or use for marketing purposes the data provided by the Users of the portal. You can be sure that in the future we will not process, share or use your data for any other purposes than the simple collection of statistics.

The portal is not responsible for the content and opinions expressed by users in comments or descriptions. They are exclusively the property of the users from whom they originate.

Hugo and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The website is generated in Hugo static generator.

More information here:

Below are all privacy settings and their default value. These settings have been put in site config.toml

    disable = true
    anonymizeIP = true
    disable = true
    respectDoNotTrack = true
    useSessionStorage = true
    disable = true
    simple = true
    disable = true
    enableDNT = true
    simple = true
    disable = true
    enableDNT = true
    simple = true
    disable = false
    privacyEnhanced = false

E-mail addresses

E-mail addresses provided by Users when adding comments, and registering on the forum or portal, will be used only to remind the User’s password, and to send the Newsletter – if the User expressed such a desire. Email addresses of Users are not and will not be published, processed, sold, made available for a fee – therefore, you do not have to worry about adding to any mailing lists, receiving sponsored advertising emails, or any other unwanted spam.

Collection of non-personal data

When using the portal, non-personal data is collected which browsers make available, i.e. the following:

  • name and version of the web browser
  • Language settings
  • reference page
  • date and time of sending the request to the server
  • IP from which the request was sent

The IP addresses collected by the portal are not intended to identify our users and are not disclosed anywhere. However, when posting comments that are inconsistent with the netiquette, rubbish in comments or forums, we provide for the possibility to block the use of the portal from a given IP address, or in the case of very intrusive players, even from the entire IP pool.

Collection of personal data

When registering on the portal or its forum, we require at least your e-mail address. Giving other data in profiles, such as name, surname, website address, town, profession, interests, AIM, Jabber, Google Talk – is not obligatory, and it is up to the user to provide it and share it with others.


The portal uses cookies – small text files used to store certain information on the User’s computer. They are not dangerous for the User or his computer, there are no personal data stored in them, their main task is to store information to which the site can then refer. On our portal, cookies have the following functions:

  • storage of information/preferences of the commenting User – when a comment is added to the User’s computer, a cookie is stored on the User’s computer, which for less than a year stores data with the User’s nickname, email address and website – so that the data does not need to be entered each time the next comment is added.
  • storage of information about Users registered/logged in the portal or forum – the browser may store a cookie containing the User’s login, double-ash password and authorization key, so that the next time the user visits the website, he will not have to re-enter the login and password, or even if the session has not expired, he will not have to log in again – he will only be logged in immediately to the portal or forum.

Cookies do not identify you as a visitor to this website and do not store any information that could enable you to do so. In accordance with Article 173 of the Act of 16 July 2004 Telecommunications Law (Journal of Laws No. 171, item 1800), saving text files on the User’s computer is allowed if the User is informed about it. The condition for cookies to work is their acceptance by the browser and not deleting them from the computer. If the User does not want to share cookies, he should disable this option in his browser before he visits our portal. Failure to make cookies available by the browser, or their deletion, may cause significant difficulties or may even completely prevent the use of our portal and forums – for which we are not responsible. Therefore, we recommend that you enable cookies.

The portal contains articles and manuals written by the users of the Editorial Office. All the contents of the portal are subject to copyright of their creators and are protected under copyright law. It is forbidden to copy and share materials from the portal without the consent of their author and the consent of the administrator of the portal.

All materials contained in the portal portal are free of charge. Users and the Editorial Staff of the portal shall not be liable for any damages resulting from their use. The portal reserves the right to edit and delete entries or to remove entries from the portal.

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