Who am I


My name is Adrian. Since 2002, I have worked in the IT sector. As a Linux expert, I am currently employed by Fujitsu as a Quality Assurance Specialist in Research and Development.

I am a versatile, analytical, and tenacious IT specialist with a pragmatic “get the job done” mentality who consistently persists to produce the finest outcomes. passionate about IT system security.

Although I began working in IT in 2002, the IT journey actually began in the early 1990s. The earliest personal computers were the Commodore 64 and 128. I learned Basic as my first programming language in order to convert the keyboard of my Commodore 64 into a synthesizer. This made me really happy.

I’ve used Linux servers for years. passionate about IT system security. Webmaster, SEO, and digital marketing expert with Linux experience. When I’m not fixing problems with Linux servers, I like to listen to music of all genres, especially Aurora and Wardruna, watch tutorials mostly about IT, write tutorials about Linux and Linux security for my website and YouTube channel, pick up new skills, and assist others with Linux problems on Reddit and Facebook.

I’m interested in a variety of topics related to the generally construed IT sector, but I also make clumsy attempts to learn about quantum physics, astronomy, cosmology, and astronautics.

I adore science fiction and am constantly reading about it.

You are welcome to buy me the coffee I adore if you wish. I may suggest Single Origin’s Brazilian Yellow Bourbon.

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