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Water cooling case prototype for CM4 board with Compute Module 4 and NVMe SSD

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I would like to give special thanks to the following two companies that helped me with 3D printing and laser cutting.
3D components printing:

SMK3D - 3D Conceptual Modeling Studio

Laser cutting in acrylic: - Laser cutting

Summary of prices

1. Pipes
Name Price URL
Transparent pipes 10 mm 82,46 PLN
Innovatek transparent pipe, 1m, 8mm (500898) 28,57 PLN

In total: 111,03 PLN

2. Tank
Name Price URL
Water tank 49,01 PLN
Two pipe fittings for the water tank 54,02 PLN
Locking screw for water tank 43,90 PLN
Pump 1 pcs 7,56 PLN
Coolant 108,05 PLN
Acrylic brackets 19,34 PLN

In total: 281,88 PLN

3. Fans
Name Price URL
Noctua fan without PWM 72,00 PLN
Noctua fan with PWM 76,00 PLN

In total: 148 PLN

4. Cooling solution:
Name Price URL
Heat sink 48,24 PLN
Water cooling block kit 165,62 PLN

In total: 213,86 PLN

5. Acrylic tiles
Name Price URL
Clear acrylic tile 67,72 PLN
3 acrylic tiles white, gloss, format A4 66,52 PLN

In total: 134,24 PLN

6. Project 3D & laser cut parts
Name Price URL
CM4 case project 27,60 PLN

In total: 27,60 PLN

7. Tools and needed parts
Name Price URL
EDGELEC 120pcs Breadboard Jumper Wires 27,83 PLN
620 Pcs 2.54mm Pitch & Pin Connector Kit 43,70 PLN
Connector Crimpers 58,99 PLN
Momentary pushbutton 31,91 PLN
180 Pieces M2.5 Hex Brass Spacer Standoffs 105,16 PLN
Methylene chloride 6 PLN
Glass syringe with needles 36,18 PLN

In total: 309,77 PLN

8. CM4 board hardware
Name Price URL
CM4 IO board 203,00 PLN
Compute Module 4 798,00 PLN
Adapter M.2 NVMe Key M do PCI-e x1 SSD 18,99 PLN
MW Power ER36W12V 12V/3A Switching Power Supply 42 PLN
OLED display 18,49 PLN
Black ball screw M3x8 allen socket 10pcs. 2,70 PLN
NVMe Crucial P3 PLUS 1TB M.2 PCIe 189,90 PLN

In total: 1273,08

Total price: 2499,46 PLN

~620,92 USD
~922,55 AUD
~565,15 EUR

Alternatively, to buy:

Noctua fan PWM:

Another heat sink/radiator:


Thermal paste:

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